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As per the requirements of VTU & AICTE, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering having well established laboratories to serve the students for improving their technical skills by gaining the practical knowledge. The department has laboratories like, Computer programming, Datastructures, Microprocessors, Algorithms, Database Management Systems, System Software, Operating Systems, Compiler Design, Computer Networks, Computer Graphics, Web Programming UNIX System Programming.


Workshops/Seminars/Conferences/Publicationof Journals/Faculty Development Programs participated by Faculty / Book published by Faculty.

  • Prof.Akshatha T M presented a paper on “Network Security”in the national conference “Emerging Trends in Engineering Technology” held at GMIT Mandya.
  • Prof. Poojitha N presented a paper on “ Resource Management In Grid Computing” in the National Conference on “Cloud Computing and Enterprise Network” held at AMCEC, Bengaluru.
  • Prof. Poojitha N presented a paper on “Ringstack: Multiring Order-PresrvingDhtFor Range Query, Load Balancing And Fault Tolerence” in the International Conference on “Advanced Computing and Information Technology” held at AMCEC, Bengaluru.
  • Prof. Poojitha N presented a paper on “Campus Network Security Using Honeypot” in the International Conference on “Advances in Computer and Electrical Engineering (ICACEE’2012)”.
  • Prof. Michelle D’Souza presented a paper on “Creation Of Mosaic Image And Data Hiding For Transmission” in the International Conference on “International Journal of Emerging Technology in Computer Science and Electronics (IJETCSE’2015)” Held at Jain College, Belagavi.
  • Prof. Sachith B K presented a paper on “Sharpness Based Method For Lung Cancer Cell Identification” in the 8thInternational Conference on “Image and Signal Processing” International Conducted by Elsevier and Technology Publications in 2014at Bengaluru.
  • Prof. SanthoshM  presented a paper on “Detection Of Denial Of Service Attack Using Ddos” in the International Conference in 2015  Held at SDIT, Mangluru.
  • Prof. HemachanderN  attended workshop on “Python Application Development” Conducted by  ATME College, MYSURU.
  • Prof. Sachith B K attended workshop  on “DBMS”Conducted by  RNSIT College, Bengaluru.
  • Prof. Santhosh M   attended workshop on“Android Application Development”Conducted by  Google India and Alva’s Engineering  College, Moodbidere, Mangaluru.