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About our Department


Chemistry is one of the vital branches of science without which life does not exist. Engineering is the application of basic sciences and it may be noted that all engineering branches originated from basic sciences.”Science without technology is useless and technology without science is blind”. Department of Chemistry has been established during the year 2014 and staff pattern of Department of Chemistry have one Associate Professor and one Assistant Professor are working in the department .Among them Professor and Head having Ph.D. degree and another is pursuing Ph.D degree. Non teaching faculties of the department have one Instructor and one helper. Department of Chemistry have well equipped laboratory with area of about 200 sq.ft. In this laboratory 30-35 students are accommodated per batch. The laboratory consists of one preparation room, one instrument room, and one staff room. Department of Chemistry has been affiliated under VTU Belagavi. It has been recognised as research center by VTU Belagavi. The staff members are guiding the students of B.E, for Project and research works. Staff members have been published more than 40 research papers at National and International Journals and also presented research papers at National and International Conferences / Symposia .Presently some research candidates are doing research work on Crystallography, Kinetics, Nano-science and Nano-Technology, Water quality, Synthetic medicinal chemistry, Polymer composites, Food chemistry…etc. topics in the Department under the guidance of Dr.B.P.Siddaraju Professor and Head of the department. Also the Department has provided necessary computers with Internet facilities. The Department has well equipped laboratory for teaching engineering Chemistry experiments for all branches of engineering students. Department of Chemistry is flourished with highly qualified and experienced faculties with international exposure. We educate and motivate technical students with necessary skills in different areas of chemical sciences especially focussing on engineering Chemistry. We are teaching chemistry for the students to enrich knowledge of applied basic sciences in engineering application.  


Department details: Started functioning-2014 Intake -300   Computing facility: All the individual staff member of this department are provided with computers for carrying out academic and official duties.All the computers have sufficient UPS line to provide power backup facilities. Research scholars are provided with internet facility for carrying out research work and project work.   About Physics department: The department of physics was established in the year 2014 and maintances a creditable record of good performance in teaching and research.The department has a well established engineering physics laboratory,with sufficient number of apparatus.The department currently has in its ranks,two dedicated teaching staff.  


Department of Mathematics came into existence from the year 2014. Mathematics has come to be  recognised as the language of Science. Mathematics is one of the oldest academic subject. The  subject seeks to establish truth by being the core foundation of the field of Engineering  aids to build analytical , reasoning & logical skills of the future Engineers. The aim of the department  is to pursue excellence in Mathematics through teaching . we are achieving our objectives with the help  of significantly experience faculties.