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Department of Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering department offers B.E in Mechanical Engineering which is a four year programme. The department has facilities composing of sophisticated experimental laboratories with state of the art equipments, a well stocked library and a network of latest computers. All the laboratories are well equipped with machinery required to teach basic knowledge about mechanical engineering which help in over all development of students and will help the students to handle the challenge in industry.

Various labs at Department of Mechanical Engineering

Sl. No. Name of the Laboratory Semester
1. Basic Work Shop Practice I/II
2. Computer Aided Engineering Drawing Lab I/II
3. Computer Aided Machine Drawing Lab III
4. Foundry & Forging Lab III
5. Metallography & Material Testing Lab III
6. Machine Shop IV
7. Mech. Measurements & Metrology Lab IV

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Computer Science

Computer Science and Engineering department is committed to provide a supportive, friendly and challenging environment for teaching and learning. Our education model of bachelor programme focuses on providing breadth and depth of knowledge in computing disciplines like computer architecture, data base, networks, embedded systems, real time systems, software engineering etc. Department of computer science work as the controls the centre of computing for the entire college.

Sl. No. List of Laboratories
1. Graphics Lab
2. General Computing Lab
3. Data Base Lab
4. Software Engineering Lab
5. Computer Architecture Lab
6. Microprocessor Lab

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Electronics & Communication Engineering

Electronics and Communication Engineering department provides opportunity for the students to learn and fulfill the industry demands of communication engineering .The department has state of art equipments in various laboratories which is necessary to blend the theoretical and practical aspects of engineering. The department has faculty members having expertise in wide variety of fields in electronics and communication engineering.

Sl. No. List of Laboratories
1. Logic Design Lab
2. Electronics Circuit Lab
3. Microcontroller Lab
4. Power Electronics Lab

Department of Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

The civil Engineering Department is committed to continuously improve the quality of education by enhancing the knowledge of student and staff members. The department of civil engineering is well equipped with laboratories having latest configuration and software tools. The department with experienced and qualified staff presents a unique opportunity to study the latest technology updates.

Sl. No. Name of the Laboratory Semester
1. Applied Engineering Geology Lab III
2. Survey Stores III & IV
3. Basic Material Testing Lab III
4. CAD Lab V
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